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We all deserve Access to Safety. But when you need to talk about forced marriage, domestic abuse, FGM, rape … you need someone you can trust. Someone who really speaks your language.

That’s where we come in.

We provide specialist language support from women who are specially trained, trauma-informed and speak over 30 languages and dialects.

We can find the right words, first time, giving all women and girls an equal chance to be understood and to get support.

We’re a social enterprise, creating jobs for women to use their language skills.

Our specialist language support comes from women who understand the system in Scotland.

Saving you money by getting it right, and giving women and girls Access to Safety.

Language is power. Scotland’s population is changing. If you want your services to work for women and girls whose first language isn’t English, call Access2safety.

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About Saheliya

For 27 years Saheliya (from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘women friends’) has been providing mental health and well-being support for women and girls aged 12+ from black, minority ethnic (BME), asylum seeker, refugee and migrant communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and other parts of Scotland.

Saheliya supports the sustainable recovery of BME women with mental well-being problems resulting from honour based abuse, forced or early marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), torture and other organised violence, racism and Islamophobia.

We promote sustainable well-being by combating the effects of discrimination and abuse, reducing the stigma of mental health problems, and improving access to mainstream services and to justice.

We do this by using a holistic wrap-around services such as counselling, practical support, complementary therapies, accredited and informal learning opportunities as well as youth work, gardening and sewing.

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